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Keyboard Shortcuts and a look at Libre Office Writer.

If you don’t have access to or own a German keyboard, you can still write those TMA assignments. Here’s a quick look at the keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word and a taster of where to look in Libre Office Writer for those umlauts.

Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Office.

ALT + 132     for   ä        a umlaut, small letter

ALT + 142     for   Ä        A umlaut, capital letter

ALT + 148     for   ö        o umlaut, small letter

ALT + 153     for   Ö       O umlaut, capital letter

ALT + 129     for   ü        u umlaut, small letter

ALT + 154     for   Ü        U umlaut, capital letter

ALT + 225     for   ß        eszett or sharp s

Linux Users

Please be aware that I used Libre Office Writer on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Please watch the video of how to find the umlauts and save your document as a text file (Microsoft Word or docx file), if you are new to Linux or unfamiliar with the program.

Finding the umlauts in Libre Office Writer and saving to a text file  2 minutes 20 seconds, 17 MB.