Shawry’s Music © 2016

Shawry’s Music

Midnight Mystery(© 2015)

Here is the original version of this song featuring the Mystery Maiden. However our maiden was happy to perform for the demo only, so if there are any budding vocalists who would like to record their own vocals on this soundtrack then please let me know. The final result could be your iTunes release!

Midnight Mystery (feat the Mysterious Maiden)  

by Andrew Shaw (© 2015)

Verse 1

While I’m asleep at night

There seems to be a face

Surrounded by light

And always with grace

Always there in my mind

Sometimes pleasure, sometimes kind

Seems a treasure in my mind


Midnight mystery

Returning to haunt me

And I’ve it heard it told

That if love is cold

Then in the midnight dream

Love’s not what it may seem

Verse 2

So serene

Are my thoughts indeed

The question seems

Will this always be in my mind

Seems like heaven, seems to fine

Seems there’s a treasure in my mind

Chorus Repeat x2

Midnight Mystery

Haunting me

If you would like to record your own vocal

version of this song then please contact me.