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iCMA’s are worth 10% of your overall mark.

The interactive computer marked assignment is not to be feared but, is something that can be fun, informative and a guide to revision.

There are practice iCMA’s and I would strongly suggest that you give these a try as they are a great way to to see how they work. Don’t be put off by your first score. They are for practice only and you may be surprised how much better you do each time you complete one. When you feel you are ready, go ahead and begin the actual iCMA. Two and a half percent of your overall mark per iCMA may not sound like much, but they soon add up.

Attempts - 1

For each iCMA (interactive computer marked assignment), once you start there is only the one attempt. However, you can log out after each question if you wish and the system will remember where you are when you return to continue. Each question has two attempts, unless it is an either or question with a 50/50 chance of getting the right answer. I don't know if these have been included this year, please check with your tutor for confirmation. You will also have the opportunity to go back to questions that you were unsure about before submission. So if you don't like the look of a particular question when you first see it, you can skip ahead to the next question or log out to revise. Only when you have answered and are happy with all of your answers will you then be asked to submit your iCMA. Once you have submitted your interactive assignment will the attempt be complete. As there are multiple variations of each iCMA, everyone’s will be different. Some of the questions may be the same, however; these will appear in a different order to other students. So it’s a good idea for the best result to do this completely on your own.

iCMA Cut Off Dates L193 -J17

iCMA 41 - 02.11.2017  CLOSED

iCMA 42 - 25.01.2018

iCMA 43 - 15.03.2018

iCMA 44 - 21.06.2018


These are the latest times that the iCMA must be submitted by. Try to get them in a day or two earlier.