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This months famous in Germany is Sag Die Warheit.

How to tell the truth - German style.

Three people claim to be the same person - but only one person is telling the truth. In the studio, four prominent buffoons each face the tricky task of exposing the sophisticated liar with instinct, intuition and lots of humour.

Since Wednesday, March 5, 2003, the program has been running weekly on German television. Presented by Michael Antwerpes (perhaps better known for his sports commentary), he creates an infectiously humorous atmosphere when it comes to people and their jobs. The panel consists of Kim Fisher (famous German actress and singer), Mike Kruger (famous German comic and actor), Ursula Cantieni (famous German actress of film and television). The three main panellists are then joined by a famous guest that may either be in just for that series or just a couple of shows.    

Selected below (via you tube), is the episode in which the panel are tasked to discover the real Florian Blümmel. Will they detect which one he is or, will they get it completely wrong? Sadly there are no subtitles in English for this video however, you will have the opportunity to listen to some fine German speakers. You may be surprised just how much you recognise already, enjoy  :)

Sag Die Warheit (Florian Blümmel) , 11 minutes 20 seconds. Copyright SWR 2017