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This months famous in Germany is MeKaDo.

Back in the days when the Eurovision Song Contest was held in April and countries sang their songs in their own language, one country reigned supreme; Ireland. They had already won the song contest two years in a row in 1992 and 1993. In 1994, the last year that the contest was held in April, many other contestants upped their game to ensure that a third victory in a row for Ireland would seem impossible.

Germany brought in their big songwriting guns with composer Ralph Siegel and lyricist Bernd Meinunger. Both had previously enjoyed massive Eurovision hits with Dschinghis Khan (4th in 1979), and Theater (2nd in 1980), amongst many others including  Ein bißchen Frieden which won the contest in 1982 for Germany.  

The story behind their 1994 entry was simple. They had a melodic song with great lyrics. Now all they needed were great voices and ‘the right kind of girls' to perform the song. Being renowned successful veterans of the contest, no one in Germany took offence to this comment but simply agreed with their idea of what could possibly stop Ireland from winning for a third time in succession.

We’re giving a party (German Subtitles), by MeKaDo. MeKaDo